About the Photographs

My original photographic works were diptychs made using leftover materials from my film sets. I wanted to make photographs that reflected the nature of the medium. This direction was a continuation of my work in film. The diptychs were one step away from film in that there were two images that represented two different lighting situations in the same photographed space. From there I made single image photographs, conforming to the traditional concept of the photograph, where a single moment in time is recorded.  The first of those images captured two different lighting situations in the same photographed image. The photographs of the 70’s and after  were dominated by an interest in describing space through light. In those photographs I continued to limit the use of materials to primary materials, mostly backdrop paper and light.  All of the photographs from that period continued to record a single moment in time. Albeit it wasn’t the decisive moment, but the arranged moment.

For the past ten years I have been interested in working outside the concept of a single image in time. In these photographs I incorporate the collage concepts of fractured time, but within the traditional photographic space. Post editing becomes an important part of the process.

David Haxton June 28,2019