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Bringing Lights Forward 1970, 4 min. b&w, 16mm, silent


Bringing Lights Forward describes the film set through the manipulation of lights on stands. A woman is seen placing three lamp stands at the center, left, and right of the screen and then moving them gradually into the foreground - the surface of the screen- in several distinct stages. As she makes a move she turns the lights on and off. Finally she clusters the three stands at the center of the screen but in such a way that the lamps themselves, the light source for the film, are cut off by the top of the frame yet still illuminating the screen. The woman walks off-screen once she has completed this action. The placement and movement of the lamp stands and the use of negative in this film serve as a literal demonstration of the way in which light affects the perceptual quality of the film image.

From: Castelli Sonnabend Tapes and Films Catalog


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