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Cubes 1977, 12 min. b&w, 16mm, silent


In Cubes a performer enters the scene from the left carrying a bucket of what appears to be black paint (the film is in negative). He begins to paint lines on what seems to be a white wall. The lines become a 2D representation of a cube. Upon completion he leaves to the left of the screen. The next image is a "wall" of paper.It is cut away from behind and another cube, similar to the already drawn cube, is gradually revealed in the background. The performer leaves the scene to the side. He re-enters the scene from the left, in the foreground. He then destroys parts of the foreground cube by cutting it away. This reveals the fact that the cube is not flat but suspended in space. He again leaves the scene from the left only to re-appear in the rear of the scene. He then draws in the lines of the foreground cube at the rear of the space. He then returns to the foreground and completes the cutting away of the foreground cube. Upon completion of this he returns to the rear and fills in the foreground lines. The film ends after he fills in one side of each cube with solid black.


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