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Drawing Houses 1982, 12 min. color, 16mm, silent


Drawing Houses consists of two parts. In each part performers make drawings of houses. The first part is filmed at a high angle looking down at a floor. The scene opens with a close-up of the back of a Hawaii-an shirt. The Hawaiian shirt wearer moves out and a performer enters and begins to draw on the floor. A drawing of a house is made on the floor. The drawing is made so that it appears to be on the plane of the projected image and not on the receding floor plane. In the second part of the film the camera is placed so that the scene is viewed straight on. This scene opens with a black line grid on the screen. A large facial profile appears when the perfomer removes some paper that covers it. He draws in the facial details. The performer then draws a line drawing of a house. This drawing looks similiar to the one from the earlier scene. Another house is drawn in the background. However parts of each house are drawn on different planes. For instance the windows are drawn in the foreground and the walls and roof in the background. A second performer is employed to complete the house drawings. With scissors the house drawings are then cut away. The removal of a large piece of paper covering the background reveals a landscape drawn in pastel crayon. The film ends with the view of the face and the landscape.


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