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Four Screen Films


1970, 10 minute loops on multiple screens, b&w and color, 16mm film


Four Screen Films is a reconstruction of Haxton's studio at 3342 Dwight Street in San Diego into an exhibition space. Four films were made in the studio. The films recorded various activities of performers doing things in the space. The activities of the performers were designed to describe the studio space. In Film 1 a performer holds a two by three foot mirror. The camera records the performer panning the space with the mirror. The camera is in a static position so the space is only seen by looking into the mirror. At one point in the film a hairdryer is seen in the mirror. Film 2 is a static view of the hairdryer. The hairdryer reflects the activities that take place in film 3. In Film 3 a per-former moves fluorescent lights and cement blocks from behind a plastic curtain to a place off screen. In Film 4 the performer carries the objects from film 3 into view and places them on the floor within view. The resultant films were then used in the final performance-installation. The four films were shown on free standing screens that were constructed by Haxton for this performance-installation. The original exhibition of "Four Screen Films" took place at San Diego State University, in a large exposition space. The four free standing screens were placed in the exhibition space. The placement of the screens coincided with the interior layout of the Dwight Street studio space. The filmed objects were also placed in the exhibition space coinciding with their position in the studio. The performance consisted of projecting the films on the screens while the original performers repeated the tasks that they had done in the studio.

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"Four Screen Films" presentation at Montezuma Hall, San Diego State University, 1970. (Computer recreation).


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